Just 1 km from the reserve of Ankarana "King de la Piste" created next to his lodge a private park for the reason to protect this unique nature . Unique among other things , because we discovered on our area two unknown plants  (aloes röösli and kalanchoe pareikiana) and a new gecko species (phelsuma roesleri) . The richness of flora and fauna can be also seen that rare plants species exist in never known size in the Park .

(for example: Pachypodium Decary greatest height approximately 12 m in our park, the literature is only one known height of 5.5m).

All of these discoveries were by coincidence and it is not excluded that this territory still holds other surprises .




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Tel:. +261(0)320490810

1km from the Nationalparc entrance of Ankarana RN6 PK108

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