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- the land of lemurs and baobabs -


 enchants all travelers with its unique natural charm and the warm welcome of its amiable inhabitants.

Thanks to our varied tours, you may soak up in the richness of nature and culture in northern Madagascar. Discover the national parks of Ankarana and Amber Mountain, relax in solitude on the dreamy beaches of the Indian Ocean,

After excursions, enjoy our fine hotels Ankarana Lodge at the entrance of Ankarana National Park and "Le Suarez Hôtel" in Diego and benefit from their splendid settings to unwind, sunbathe, sip wine, or indulge in the delights of Malagasy cuisine.


All our trips are guided by professional, local guides. For your reassurance, our fleet of 4WD cross-country vehicles bring  you safely and comfortably to all destinations. You may create tour programs of your individual choosing or reserve a planned package tour.

We also offer special trips for those impassioned by nature and adventure and would like to get to know a eco-friendly tourism. Anyone can enjoy a unique vacation suited to his or her individualized tastes and desires.

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