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Amber Mountain is a long-extinct volcano covered by primary tropical forest, including craters and waterfalls. A bewildering array of animals and plants are specially adapted to thrive in this moist 'island' of biological diversity. Lemurs, birds, chameleons, geckos, and truly immense rain forest trees are among the natural wonders you will encounter.

Schedule 1-Day Tour

Going south from Diego-Suarez for an hour and a half on a paved road, you'll pass through the colorful foothill town of Joffreville, long used as a summer getaway from the coast. The change of climate will be evident as you rise over 3000 feet into the cool, shaded higher elevations. Visit the Grande Cascade (250-foot waterfall). From the panoramic observation deck overlooking it, it is possible to hike towards the bottom of the waterfall (about 45 minutes walk down a primitive trail).

Enjoy lunch in a shady picnic area near the forestry station. Then visit the Petite Cascade situated at the end of a footpath only 15 minutes away. A meandering botanical path with signs identifying the trees of the park is also on the afternoon agenda.

Numerous crater lakes are hidden in the forest and can be reached on foot or by car. Two scenic overlooks offer grandiose viewpoints of northern Madagascar tucked between the Mozambique Channel and Indian Ocean. Return to hotel in the evening .

69,- Euro/Person

2-days trip

If you like to do a nightwalk there is the possibilty to sleep in a blockhouse inside the parc. Next day you can have another walk for example to the top of the massiv a very difficult trip of minimum 9 hours.

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