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Red Tsingy

is not a solid rock formation but consists of red laterite soil with very beautiful crystal formations

The Red Tsingy is sculpted by erosion into a completely unique work of nature. It is completely unlike other better-known limestone tsingy.


Day Tour

This special destination does not necessitate any long walks. The initial drive is 25 miles on a blacktopped road, followed by a 1 hour drive on a rustic track heading eastward toward the Indian Ocean. It crosses through mixed savannah, woods and grasslands and takes you to this unique formation.

After visiting the Red tsingy, a picnic lunch is served in this exceptional landscape. You return to Diego-Suarez in the afternoon, or you may combine this trip with continuing towards Ankarana.

Day Tour Cost: 69 Euros per person.


If you want to combine seeing the Red Tsingy with a longer trip to Ankarana see "Package Tours"

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