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The Indian Ocean offers you its magnificent deserted beaches for lazing away the day in splendid isolation. You'll have plenty of time to swim and explore the coastline, above and below water.

Pass the day on the charming beach at Sakalava Bay, a small bay protected by a coral reef. You can walk coastal paths that cross rich dunes vegetation and white sands, ideal for swimming or underwater exploration with a simple mask and snorkel. You can also surf or windsurf (equipment can be rented on the spot).

Program: Three Bays

Sakalava Bay is a half hour from Suarez Hotel by car on a sandy track. You may stop at the bay to explore, wade out to a tiny island in the coral reef, or take a couple hour hike along the beach. The next stop is Pigeon Bay, and then Dunes Bay with its beautiful white sands where you will have lunch. The afternoon is devoted to swimming or siesta. If you wish, you can walk to Ramena, a picturesque beach town of fishermen. Many coffee and refreshment vendors have shops in the area. It's a great place to relax and absorb the local flavor of life.

Cost: 59,- Euros per person.

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