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Several day tours

for the north of Madagascar, we offer classic trips or we put together another tour according to your individual wishes. You must inform us about the time and about your budget so that we can select the hotel

Examples for planned package tours with prices
included accomodation in  Ankarana Lodge and Suarez Hotel in Diego for 2 to 7-day excursions.

Other longer-term trips (for example 2-3 weeks) among with other destinations such as Cap d'Ambre / Nosy Hara / Analamera / Ambanja and other destinations on request. Contact:

Ankarana for a 2 or 3-day trip

Day 1: In the morning 4 hours driving to Ankarana Lodge. After lunch hike of several hours towards the "Small Tsingy" and the "big bat cave". Diner and night in our Lodge.

Day 2: We hike for exampe towards  "Le Pont Suspendue". or in our private parc "Gondwana". Return to Diego-Suarez in the late afternoon.

2-Day trip: 199 Euros per person with full pension.


If you want to take more time and see the "big tsingys" or other sites we offer

3 day trip for 259,-€ per person

Transfer Ankarana Lodge to Ankify the same day 45,-€ per person extra

3-day tour

including a visit to Ankarana / Mt d'Ambre or Tsingy rouge

First day: visit Mt d'Ambre or Tsingy rouge then drive to Ankarana Lodge.

2nd and 3rd day visit to the Ankarana massif, then return

Price 279, - € per person



First day  Mt d'Ambre/2nd day Ankarana/3rd day on the way back to Diego visit the Tsingy rouge

299, - € per person. (Not possible if you want to book a transfer to Ankify)


4-day tour

with visit Ankarana / Mt.d'Ambre and Tsingy rouge

Price 359, - € per person

5 days

Ankarana / Mt d'Ambre / Tsingy rouge / Indian Ocean beaches

3 overnights in Ankarana Lodge (full board) / 1 night in Diego Suarez Hotel (breakfast)

in addition to the 4 days tour, we have included the day trip to the Indian Ocean.

Price 439, - € per person


7 days

Ankarana / Mt d'Ambre / Tsingy rouge / 3 bays / Mer d'Eneraude / Mt. des Francais / City Tour

3 nights Ankarana Lodge (full board) / 3 nights Suarez Hotel (breakfast)

Price 569, - € per person

half board at the Hotel Suarez 599, - € per person

A liste of all prices you can find in Price/Reservation.

For all tours a transfer from Ankarana to Ankify  45, - Euro/person extra.

Other inquiries or reservations you can e-mail to:

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