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  1-day-excursion per person with picknick and guide

         (Minimum 2 person/ prices without entrance fee in the parcs)


1) Ankarana                                                       97,- €

2) Montagne d'Ambre                                       69,- €

3) Beaches on the Indian Ocean                     59,- €

4) Windsor Castle                                              79,- €

5) Mt. des Francaise  without meal  1/2day   25,- €

                              with city tour one day         45,- €                    

6) Tsingy rouge                                                  65,- €

7)Mer d'Emeraude                                             49,- €


Several-day trips 


Classic day trips from Diego back to Diego

Price per person in double room in our Ankarana Lodge included fullpension and guide


 2 days Ankarana                                                                                 199,- €

 3 days Ankarana/Mt d'Ambre oder Tsingy rouge                             279,-€

 4 days Ankarana /Mt d'Ambre/Tsingy rouge                                    359,-€


5 days Ankarana/Mt. d'Ambre/Tsingy rouge/3 Beaches                 439,- €

3 nights in Ankarana Lodge (fullpension)/1 Nacht Suarez Hotel(breakfast)


7 days Ankarana/Mt. d'Ambre/Tsingy rouge/3 Beaches

            Mer d'Emeraude/French Mountain/City Tour                         569,- €

3 nights in Ankarana Lodge (fullpension)/3nights Suarez Hotel(breakfast)

                                                                with halfpension in Suarez Hotel          599,-€


   Transfer from Ankarana Lodge to Ankify  per person  extra          45,-€


Do not hesitate to contact us , so we put together another individual trip.




Reservations and confirmation are only possible by our e-mail address:

Conditions for services:

To confirm the reservation we require a deposit of 10% at least 50, - €,
Final payment:
Final payment 4 weeks prior to departure,

2) Cancellation:
For cancellations the following percentages of the total price will be calculated:
until 30 days before arrival the deposit will be refunded,
29 and 14 days before departure 25%
13-7 days before departure 50%
from 6 days before arrival 60%
and 1 day bedore 85% cancellation fee of the total price
(As reference date is the written cancellation)

A confirmation of your reservation will be send when the advance arrive at our account.


3. Our banc account in Germany:

(Paiements please with the remarks of the date of arriving)



Adresse: Teltower Damm 63

14167 Berlin


Name of the banc:


Adresse of the banc:

Alexanderplatz 2

10889 Berlin



IBAN-Nr.:  DE06 1005 0000 1064 3005 33


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