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French Mountain a massive limestone formation

French Mountain, peaking at 1312 feet, is the closest 'tsingy' formation to Diego-Suarez. The ancient labyrinth of rock and caves conceals a particularly varied collection of interesting wildlife ; lemurs, chameleons, and geckos are especially abundant. Baobabs and a dazzling array of other rare succulents abound in the dry forest that covers its slopes.

half- day Program

About 15 minutes from the town to the entrance of the parc. From there a scenic, winding path ascends French Mountain all the way up to the stone ruins of a former military fort constructed between 1902 and 1908. The climb to the fort (1.5 to 2 hours) is done by the same route followed by the French legionnaires during World War II. To assure their ability to get provisions up, they bored a long, three-segmented tunnel through 75 feet of solid rock - an engineering marvel in its day! The view of Diego-Suarez, the whole bay, and the north in general is unsurpassed from a vantage point at the summit. Diego Bay's natural harbor is second in size only to that of Rio de Janiero in Brazil. The return walk will take between a half hour and 4 hours depending upon your chosen route.

25,-€ per person

One day trip

After visiting the parc we offer a city tour in the afternoon

Price 45,-€ per person

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