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Discover the wealth of fauna and flora in northern Madagascar


Our excursions of one to several days will allow you to discover the most beautiful landscapes in northern Madagascar.


Except for the aquatic world of the islands around Nosy Be, the majority of our circuits are accessible only by land. Consequently all trips are carried out in our sturdy, cross-country 4WD vehicles. During all circuits, you will be accompanied by qualified, knowledgeable local guides who will be able to provide you with exhaustive information on the plants, animals and culture of the region. During breaks, our cooks will delight you with Malagasy dishes.


1. Ankarana National Park

2. Amber Mountain National Park

3. Indian Ocean beaches

4. Windsor Castle

5. French Mountain

6. Red Tsingy

7. Emerald Sea

8. Tropical islands around Nosy Be

9. Special Trips

Emerald Sea
Nosy Be
Special Trips
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