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We offer tours of from one to several days' duration to hike and explore the forests and caves in this world-renown natural reserve.

'Tsingy' is a Malagasy word referring to the rocky limestone pinnacles that were once a coral reef millions of years ago. They make a ' tsing ' sound when struck, thus the local name. The many jagged 'daggers' making up the highest parts of this unique landscape are as sharp as knives. This massive limestone formation is surrounded by dry forest and conceals numerous caves and unexplored canyons. You will see stalagmites, stalactites, immense rooms, underground rivers, and fantastic fauna and flora.

One day Tour

The eastern-entrance is at Mahamasina after a 4-hour drive from Diego on a bad, blacktopped road through scenic Malagasy countryside to the colorful market at Anivorano.  After arrival hike for several hours, followed by a picnic lunch. Then return to Diego-Suarez in the late afternoon. The program of a one day trip is very short and you will have only a short impression from this amazing reserve.

Cost : 97 Euros per person.

Transfer to Ankify 45,-€ extra per person


If you decide for a trip of several days  you will stay overnight in our comfortable Ankarana Lodge with pool. The description you will find in "Package Tours"

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